Academy Philosophy

We are committed to ensuring that every International Academy of Volleyball athlete and coach has a positive experience that fuels their love of volleyball and competition. We focus on the process over outcomes and developing a growth mindset; in other words our top priority is always striving to improve and giving each athlete and coach the feedback and tools to help them improve both professionally and personally every day. While we do provide our members with the highest calibre of volleyball training, it is equally important that both athletes and coaches learn life lessons that will stay with them long after their volleyball career comes to an end. Our coaches are mentors, role models, and above all, teachers.

We teach our athletes the game of volleyball including all aspects of skills training, tactical knowledge, and match strategies. Additionally, we teach our athletes to be disciplined, compete and train at full effort, be a positive and supportive teammate, be a problem solver, push beyond their comfort zone, and compete with confidence and enthusiasm. Above all we teach and expect all of our athletes and coaches to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and character. Winning matches is far less important than competing with character, being honest, ethical, and kind, and respecting everyone and everything we encounter along with this wonderful sport we all love. That is the ultimate win.

We expect both our athletes and our coaches to constantly find ways to improve and grow. Our Directors train and work with every coach on staff to ensure that each team is receiving the same high-level coaching and to create continuity between all of our teams and age groups.

The International Volleyball Academy is a family. Our older athletes work with and get to know our younger athletes and our teams support and cheer for each other whenever they can. We host events and activities throughout the year that give all our athletes, families and coaches the chance to get to know each other and better grow as a family.

We expect a high level of commitment from everyone involved with the International Academy of Volleyball and seek athletes and coaches who want to put in the time and work necessary to be the best they can be. Our Directors share that commitment and work tirelessly to build highly successful athletes and coaches