About Us 

At International Academy of Volleyball (IAOV) we aim to provide our members with world-class training and the opportunity to pursue the highest levels of the sport both in Australia and on the International stage.

Our organisation was founded on the core belief that an athlete’s background or circumstances should not be a barrier to opportunity or success. We believe that cutting-edge athletic development and performance pathways in the sport should be available to all based on merit and not just for a select few.

International Academy of Volleyball is committed to a higher standard of volleyball while providing a positive and nurturing training environment. Our focus is the holistic development of the athlete to ensure success both and off the court.

International Academy of Volleyball is NOT affiliated with State or National bodies including clubs within Australia, We aim to encourage athletes into suitable sporting programs and by maintaining our own separate image we are able to ensure athletes have access to a variety of volleyball programs both locally in Australia and further abroad  

International Academy of Volleyball has partnered with International organizations to open pathways for athletes to experience volleyball around the world, one such partner is the Ace Volleyball Academy (AVA) in Hawkesbury , New Zealand

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